Writing the Thesis Abstract

How to Squeeze it all in the Abstract

The thesis is a comprehensive study about a particular subject. Generally, it is composed of several parts which are supposed to be written according to the topic at hand. Based on any professional dissertation guideline the thesis should be inclusive of an abstract which will serve as the reader’s window to the thought and conduct of the study. Most researchers find it hard to write this portion because they are not knowledgeable of what to include. Although the abstract is basically the gist of the entire thesis, it should be written with utmost precautions and considerations.

In order for you to write the abstract correctly, consider the following:

• Abstract do not consist direct quotations which are just extracted from the thesis. Bear in mind that if you are working on the abstract, you are already attempting to summarize it. It is recommended that you write in simple, substantial and direct language.

• The length of the abstract must depend on the kind of thesis you have. Descriptive studies have 100 to 350 words which are well-phrased while informative abstracts should be limited to 100-250 words also limiting the use of jargons which entail longer explanations.

• Any kind of thesis like social science dissertations require written abstracts to focus on the problem and the solutions to the problem. All other portions like the review of related literature and the methodology should not be mentioned unless they are needed to achieve the desired word length.

• Keywords are essential in the abstract. These keywords could be used once your work will be included in dissertations online. This means that your finished work will be compiled in a computer data base for internet research. Keywords will help in finding your published thesis. There is also a need for you to fit the keywords to the entire problem of the study. Wrong keywords will not lead to your thesis and will just leave it unclicked.

• Good abstracts can be modified from the thesis introduction. You can modify a little in order to have it coherent with your ideas in the entire paper.

In most instances, the dilemma for researchers is to find it hard to write the shortest portion. Creating the abstract is an easy task if you fully understand your study and you are well-versed of its details.