Writing the Dissertation and Staying on Track

How to Stop Procrastination

The most difficult part of dissertation writing is found in the very beginning when you have to think about what topic to write and how to begin. Once you are done with all that and you are ready with your proposal, the hassles continue. Most dissertation writers tend to stop in the middle of the process because of procrastination. They set aside what they need to accomplish and realize in the end that their works are already piled up with so little time to accomplish them all.

Here are some important points on how to win your quest against the threat of dissertation procrastination:

Be consistent. Try to write everyday no matter how the task may seem so small and negligible. Writing on regular basis would lessen the burden. Track your progress and you will see how your little efforts would mean a lot in the end.

• Begin Anywhere. The entire doctoral dissertation may have different parts. And these parts are composed of various tasks which should be completed one at a time. The notion that you need to begin from the start might not be as helpful as you think it could be. In the process, the writer could actually start anywhere. If you feel like working on one portion where you feel really comfortable, then you can do so.

• Break Through. Ideas will come overwhelmingly in big blocks because the writer could be entertaining so much of it when the writing process begins. One way to break through is to talk about what’s going on your mind and share these to someone who is willing to listen. If nobody’s available, try writing them down on paper. When the release of concepts is done, you can then manage to edit and scrap out ideas that might not be connected to what you are working on. Organize the ideas and put them under any of the dissertation sections where they are supposed to belong.

• Reward Yourself. In any case, find time to pull yourself out of work and seek for your own rewards. Consistent writing may be tiring and so you need to unwind a little and have a break by going out with friends or by shopping alone or watching a movie.

• Fill in gaps gradually. As you go on working on your tasks, you might find that some details or ideas are missing or some information have been failed to be generated. In this case, try to complete the gap as soon as possible so that one section is complete without having to wait for the other parts to be accomplished.

A complete dissertation comes handy to those who know how to manage their time wisely. Procrastination is a foe to those who do not know how to break down their tasks and who do not have the will to go on.