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Expert Guide on the Main Dissertation Writing Stages

There are actually six stages of dissertation writing. The Master’s and PhD dissertations are systematized written reports based on the carried out researches needing to be done according to certain rules. If you think you have no idea on how to begin and successfully bring to the end the research and writing part, then all you have to do is read along to get some useful tips to complete your dissertation.

Brainstorming and Contemplating

This stage of dissertation writing is composed of the process when one needs to decide on a topic and a title. Many may refer to this as the thinking stage because it is when the final decision for a thesis statement and general course of action is made. The “thinking about it” stage is important, so one needs to be focused and have an idea of what he really wants to achieve.

The Preparation Stage

The doctoral dissertation writing is a process that entails a lot of preparation. This is the time when a writer should gather information about research materials and literature sources needed to investigate the topic chosen.

Conducting the Research

Supporting documents are very important in the dissertation writing. Completed researches and various studies found in books, magazines, journals and other scholarly sources should be analyzed to end up with a comprehensive hypothesis. There are also some dissertation projects which require interviews and surveys, thus a writer should be well-geared to cope with the requisites of the legwork.

Writing Your Dissertation

When all the research has been conducted and all information gathered, it pays to be able to organize your thoughts and come up with a good paper. The pitfall of this step lies in the fact that a dissertation writer needs to keep in mind many factors, research results, his or her own inferences, the chosen writing approach, etc. in order to cram them into the paper. At this point it is often recommended to frequently consult with an advisor and make sure that they regularly check and approve of your dissertation writing.

Sharing the Outcome with Colleagues

Sharing your study with other people will not only broaden your view of the topic, but will also open the chance for your topic to be evaluated by your colleagues. Sharing would mean opening the opportunity for your dissertation writing project to be enhanced and corrected by likeminded and knowledgeable persons. However, remember that your viewpoint and perception of the topic remain the most important.

The Revision Stage

Once you have done careful evaluation of your paper based on the opinions and views of your own, your advisor and those whom you shared it with, it is then advisable for you to make necessary revisions. A good dissertation is something that has undergone tedious scrutiny from other professionals and science field authorities.

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