Planning and Preparing the Doctoral Dissertation Proposal

Knowing the Contents of a Dissertation Proposal

Any research work or intensive dissertation should always initially begin with a proposal. This is a document which is considered the basic outline or mode of setting ideas in the most accessible way. More than you could ever imagine, the doctoral dissertation proposal is one good way to get you focused on your topic and consolidate your references. Unless your ideas are written in this form of document, you might find it hard to improve your paper.

The Contents of a Doctoral Dissertation Proposal

* The Title – A simplified and self-explanatory title is a must. When ideas are too broad, creating a title is not advisable. Working titles are supposed to be brief and specific. They should encompass only those that could be covered by your dissertation paper.

* The Background – This contains the rationale for the entire research. It basically answers the following questions:
– Why did you choose the topic?
– What is the purpose of the research?
– What is the use of the research?
The background or the rationale is supposed to be anchored on a study previously completed or on your own experience and observation. A good written rationale should be able to demonstrate how well-versed you are of the topic you have chosen and how much knowledge you have on literature related to your study. In this case, you need to do initial study to effectively create the rationale. As much as possible, you must be able to illustrate in this portion how your work could be of great help to support existing concepts.

* Aims and Objectives – The aim is considered the general driving force of the research while the objectives are referred to as the means on how you intend to arrive at the aim. Some dissertation consultants may require a few aims but not necessarily ask you to provide objectives.

* The Research Methodology – This portion states the methods of research which will be utilized in the study and the specified justification why such methods are to be used. The appropriateness of the methodology will help in the success of the study; thus, a clear definition of the samples, the mode of data collection and other considerations.

* The Time Table – Any study is time constrained and a good dissertation should be achieved at a definite feasible time. This portion of the dissertation includes the scheduling of the stages done in the study. One good thing is to start the research early enough to provide more time for rectification and improvement.

* The Budget and Resources – In any dissertation guideline, budget ad resources should be determined. Conducting research studies could be costly and determining how much money are you going to spend and what resources are you needing during the conduct of the research should be considered when deciding.

The doctoral dissertation proposal is important in accomplishing a good study. It will serve as a guide and basis for future actions while research journey is ongoing. Writing a good proposal also means providing a good skeleton for your dissertation.