Is It Possible to Write a Dissertation in a Week?

Dissertation writing guideline

How to write dissertations in one week? Of course, the task is really challenging! Nevertheless, though difficult, this task is not unachievable. Take into consideration that even a beginner is able to accomplish such a great assignment. You have to follow these workable tips in order to accomplish your dissertation and meet the deadline:

  • First and foremost, you should distinguish your research process and dissertation writing. Take into consideration that it is advisable to write your dissertation in five days and dedicate the last two days for editing and joining the flats of the dissertation. In general, according to this plan you will have to write eight pages with 250 words in each every day. Alternatively, you have a possibility to collect all necessary information in the first two days and then dedicate next three days to dissertation writing.
  • Consider leaving the seventh day as a life savior in case if you couldn’t manage to write your academic paper in the first five days.
  • It could be a sound practice to ask your friends to help you with the research and dissertation writing. Exterior help would come in very handy as it would most certainly facilitate your dissertation writing process.
  • Do not forget about rest. Lack of rest would affect your productivity!
  • Bound your dissertation before the deadline. Take into consideration that it is essential to check the working hours of Reprographics department.

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