Easing Out Dissertation Hassles

Why is Dissertation Hard and How to Make It Easy

Doubt and hesitation are two main emotions that scare anyone eager to finish a doctoral degree. Because of the inability to gauge the entire dissertation requirements, a graduate studies student would not want to believe that it is possible to complete a dissertation. Doubt is a strong feeling that pulls the student away from the finish line. Moreover, hesitation is one big culprit why many have remained just within the doctoral dissertation proposal stage. Because a student is not sure of what he or she is capable of doing that he or she hesitates to move further on.

Doing and completing a dissertation is hard for those who cannot gauge their own interests and abilities and those who are not sure of what to do because they have no set goals and established schedules. For the dissertation journey newbies, here are some concepts to consider before heading on for that big task:

Problem # 1:      Intimidation emanates from the fact that the dissertation is the bigges academic project to be accomplished.

Solution:      Break down the large project into smaller tasks which can be accomplished one at    a time. The schedule is supposed to cover smaller tasks until the entire task is done gradually at your own convenient pace.

Problem # 2:     Everything about the dissertation depends largely on you because the project is  self-structured.

Solution: Learn to make things in order as you organize your work. Develop a system that could keep track of your progress.

Problem # 3: Anxiety is triggered by the fact that you have not been into such kind of venture ever and the newness of the magnitude is enough to give you worries.

Solution: There are a lot of previous studies which you can use as a basis or guide for your own dissertation. Seek for models, theories and methodologies which are of the same nature as your study.

Problem # 4: No one else is expected to know the problems entailed with your study but you because a dissertation is individualistic in nature.

Solution: In cases when you are confused of what to do, you can ask for help from a consultant, build network groups or join any dissertation workshop. Although other people in such activities may not fully know the intricacies of your study, the association would mean a lot through sharing of ideas and concepts.

Problem # 5: Usually, students impose upon themselves the concept of perfectionism that they tend not to finish anything in the end.

Solution: Battle unrealistic expectations. Make sure that your goals are achievable.