A Few Things to Avoid While Writing Your Dissertation

What Not to Do While Writing Your Dissertation

Writing Your DissertationWhile writing your dissertation make sure that everything associated with the dissertation writing process must be perfect. From the complicated dissertation research to the very workplace environment must be supportive to the dissertation writing process. Students often get overstressed when handling dissertations, which results in nothing but panic and poor performance.

Some resort to copying ready-made write-ups and loose the originality and authenticity of their work. Browsing for sample dissertations with the intention of copying some one’s work also has the risk of the sample being poorly created in the first place. Hence one ends up with a dissertation is not original, is not authentic and more importantly isn’t what you yourself wanted it to be.

Following are a few simple and easy tips that might help you, and must be taken into consideration before writing your dissertation:

  • First and foremost one must choose a dissertation topic that suits his/her interests. Writing a dissertation on something that doesn’t interest you never works.
  • Next comes the schedule. Be gentle on yourself and avoid making a schedule that’s bound to stress you.
  • Include regular rest periods and define them properly. Don’t take rest when you’re tired, have some rest before your tired. This increases efficiency and helps a student to work for a relatively longer period of time.
  • Don’t jumble-up your ideas while writing your dissertation. Discipline everything; number your thoughts and title anything you write. Maintain a well-organized working environment.
  • The work place you have selected must be comfortable and soothing to support the thought process. Distractions must be avoided at all costs during the time you have allotted for your dissertation wok. Do not consider an outside environment or a library for a workplace, too many distractions. One can easily loose track of his/her thoughts in such environments.
  • Don’t get overwhelmed by the load of work that needs to be done. take one step at a time and start working rather than postponing it to the last day.
  • Do not use sample dissertations or ready-made dissertations.

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