The Initial Stages of Theses/Dissertations

Guidelines to Help You Craft Your Theses/Dissertations

Thesis DissertationWriting a thesis or a dissertation is a career-shaping task and one must start in advance before schedules and studies get out of hand. When dealing with a thesis/dissertation it is always good to plan ahead and start the thinking process at least, if not the dissertation writing part.

The very first step would be to investigate your own area of interest. For this purpose read through academic material relevant to your field and go through anything that interests you at all. This would help you later in identifying the dissertation topic and in narrowing down the research. While you go through all the material that interests you, note down ideas that might pop up regarding the thesis/dissertation. One of these ideas might be the base of your dissertation in the near future.

Also consider going through a few selected dissertations or thesis that interest you and jot down any ideas that come up. Identify in advance the research methods you would be using; to form an idea relating to the level of research needed. With your goals set in mind, start with the very initial stage of crafting thesis/dissertations:

  1. Initially be creative and expand your ideas. Do not negate any ideas at this stage and collect as many ideas or thoughts as possible.
  2. Scan through the noted ideas and thoughts from time to time.
  3. Do not let your colleagues or other professionals interfere at this stage with your ideas and formulate thoughts that are original, not advised by someone. There will be time to seek advice later.
  4. Be realistic while considering the theses/dissertations and accept the fact that things can go wrong. Focus on what your objectives are. Focus on the fact that the research itself is more important than the results of your thesis or dissertation.
  5. Consider in advance; how much time you would be allotting to your thesis related work. It is always wise to plan ahead and form a schedule before starting.
  6. If you have a job, then prioritize accordingly and think in advance how you would balance your job and the dissertation writing process.

These are but the very initial steps you should consider before starting your dissertation. It is vital to know that statistically most people do not get good grades for their dissertations in spite of all the hard work they put in to it. There are numerous reasons for this but the more important thing is to avoid such circumstances. While it is surely helpful and easy to get tips online, we at can help you with your theses/dissertations right from the initial steps to the very last.