How To Conduct Researh For Theses And Dissertations

Research For A Thesis Or A Dissertation

Thesis and dissertationResearch for theses and dissertations is indeed extensive in nature but if handled properly, can yield results that bear not only fruitful new information for your research papers but also a personal satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment, pertaining to your dissertation writing.

However, if the dissertation research is not conducted in an appropriate manner and major chunks of information are overlooked, the very basis of theses and dissertations are destroyed and what a student then achieves is nothing but a lengthy write-up and bad grades, which in turn ruins a student’s academic career and possibly the whole future.

Hence a well-researched write-up is necessary and in fact is vital to ensure good grades, such that would help you throughout your life. Research work for a thesis or a dissertation is a one-time effort that benefits for life.

While conducting research for your thesis or a dissertation, it is imperative to thoroughly examine:

  • all research done previously, relevant to your work
  • all relevant online sources
  • all relevant published sources; be they articles, journals or books

Here are a few tips that might help you with you research for your thesis or dissertation:

  • First and foremost, start the research work as soon as possible. Do not let it linger on till the very end.
  • No matter how much you work daily, but do make a schedule. It always helps.
  • Do not be misled into other interesting topics while conducting your research for it is easy to get distracted when there’s tons to read and examine.
  • Reading is one thing and understanding what you read is another. Make sure you understand and extract the main points from what you read,; the first time. This would help you against a second reading of the same text.
  • When conducting dissertation research, it is important give preference to the most recent works and studies over those done previously.
  • It sure is convenient to examine texts that are written in your preferred language, but in order to expand your horizons you might also want to examine journals or articles primarily written in other languages.

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