The Dissertation Critique and Its Elements

Checking your own Dissertation Writing

Ending up with a good dissertation entails a good critic and the primary individual to assess the correctness of a research paper is the writer himself. One can’t just draw on the conclusions made by other writers on their own study. You may want to opt for dissertation editing service which is actually a good help but the initial editing should still be done by you as the dissertation writer.

The following are essential elements which you have to consider when evaluating your own thesis:

  • Clarify the overall purpose of writing the dissertation. You need to assess the potential impact of the study to those who are generally involved. A dissertation that is substantial is something that could infuse change for the better by answering problems, explaining concepts and providing recommendations for interventions. You should have the ability to tell whether you have made your statement clear and brief.
  • The second thing you need to do is to make sure that you have devoted enough time editing your literature review. Check on the authors whose works you have chosen. See to it that you have not missed any sources for important concepts you have tackled on the paper. Be clear and concise in defending how the author was able to explain the ideas that support your study.
  • Another essential part of the dissertation editing service which you have to consider is the research design that basically deals with its effectiveness and appropriateness to the nature of your study.  The use of either qualitative or quantitative method should fit the instruments to be able to arrive at desired results.
  • The general format should follow standards set by the college or university. Check on the margins and headings. You should also make sure that the general appearance of your thesis is complying with the physical requirements of your school.
  • Finally, keep an eye on grammatical errors and typographical mistakes. Read several times because some of these might not be very recognizable at one glance. These kinds of errors are definitely eye sores to a good dissertation.

Critiquing your own dissertation is necessary because you are the primary person who knows it by heart. You can always opt to ask for other people’s assistance in the form of commercial dissertation editing service but you should still find time to personally critique your own work.