The Pros And Cons of Sample Dissertations

How A Sample Dissertation Might Help You or Misguide YouSample Dissertations

During the stressful phase of dissertation writing, it is common practice for students to find the most luxurious way out of the problem; and its natural. None should be blamed for this.

Those who retort to consulting or using sample dissertations must however, proceed with extreme caution. For it is not just any assignment but a dissertation, the very dissertation that would possibly be a great help in your future academics and/or your chosen career path. Following are a few negative aspects of using a sample dissertation:

  • There’s always doubt about the writer of a sample dissertation, hence a sample dissertation always has authenticity problems.
  • There is no surety of the quality of the dissertation.
  • There is no guarantee regarding the proper use of language in the dissertation.
  • The data or information used in sample dissertations can not be accounted for.
  • All discussions/analysis presented in a sample dissertation can not be taken for granted.
  • There are high risk of plagiarism is a sample dissertation.
  • The dissertation might be formatted wrongly or the formats might have been intermixed.
  • Presenting a sample dissertation as your own personal work is termed as plagiarism and it could mean the end of your academic career.

Conversely, a proper sample dissertation acquired from an authentic source like your supervisor could be a great help indeed. Such a sample dissertation can benefit the student in the following ways:

  • It provides good structure and formatting guidelines.
  • New ideas are formulated and creativity sparked while going through a sample dissertation.
  • One can get guidance regarding the composition of the problem statement.
  • One can use the research methods used in the sample dissertations.
  • One can study in detail, the acquisition of data through a sample dissertation.
  • The bibliography section of a sample dissertation could help provide you with new sources of information.

It is always preferable to stay as far away as possible from sample dissertations. All you need to do is formulate an original dissertation topic, conduct relevant research in detail, prepare your write-up and format it as required by your respective institution. Of course, its not that easy as it sounds. Contact for premium dissertation help from professional dissertation writers who are the best at what they do.