Psychology Dissertations – Are They As Scary As They Sound?

Guidelines to Writing A Psychology Dissertation

Psychology DissertationPsychology is the scientific study of the behavior of the individuals and the concerned mental processes, as defined by the American Psychological Association. From an academic point of view, the field of psychology is thriving at the moment and massive research is in progress; relating to clinical psychology, biopsychology, forensic psychology and other sub fields.

A good psychology dissertation written with the sole purpose of attaining “1st Class” must necessarily be written in accordance with the following points:

  • The dissertation topic chosen for the psychology dissertation must be of academic importance. The scope of the research questions in a psychology dissertation must be detailed and well-defined.
  • Since you’re going to write a dissertation that would be based entirely on the field of psychology, it is imperative that the dissertation research is a continuity of a previously done work or if it is something new in the field, it must be based on ideas that contributes to the field of psychology.
  • A psychology dissertation must be phrased in a manner that depicts academic rigor. Simply put, use psychological terms in your dissertation.
  • The methodology chapter must justify your acquisition of information, as is the case in all dissertations. But, this specific chapter is of high importance with respect to psychology dissertations.
  • The critical analysis presented in psychology dissertations must not entirely be based on the research work led by you yourself, but also on the research work done prior to yours and their results. Hence, compare and analyze your research and findings with the results of previous research work.
  • Once again, linguistic skills play a vital role in psychology dissertations. One who wishes to attempt dissertation writing in the field of psychology must therefore acquaint themselves with the jargon and terminology used in psychology. This would in turn attract the reader into appreciating the appropriate use of psychological terms in your dissertation.

In addition to the mentioned above, following are some very simple tips to help you with your psychology dissertation:

  • Research as much as you can about the sub-field of psychology you’ve selected.
  • Jot down your ideas before you forget them.
  • Consult other psychology dissertations published prior to yours and in the same area of research.
  • Note from these dissertations the use of referencing and acquisition of sources.
  • Don’t get too involved in research work already done, try to find something new you can base your psychology dissertation on.

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