How to Start a PhD Dissertation

The Initial Part of a PhD Dissertation

A PhD Dissertation is a lot more different and complex than a regular dissertation. What a PhD dissertation requires from the researcher is time and effort. The dissertation should be crafted in a way that it makes a difference to the respective field. A good PhD dissertation always;

  • has a high impact in the respective field.
  • is understandable to all, not only the adviser and the writer.
  • opens doors for further thought and research in the respective field.

Where to Start

PhD Dissertations aren’t common essays that can be taken or copied from anywhere. Proper research is needed before the writing phase and no reading material other than leading newspapers or magazines in that specific area of research can provide the writer with better information, surely scientific journals are more authentic and provide more insight, but in order to broaden the research: newspapers and magazines must also be consulted. Moreover advisers help in providing the format of the dissertations along with the information regarding the amount of input required from the writer’s side.

The Dissertation Abstract

In simple terms, the abstract of a PhD dissertation should necessarily contain:

  • the statement of the problem.
  • importance or significance of the problem.
  • the methodology used by you to solve the addressed problem.
  • what impact will your approach have on the problem and how will it solve it.

The abstract should address all the four points as stated above but in a very concise and simple manner.

The Title of The PhD Dissertation

The title of a PhD dissertation is perhaps one of its most prominent features. Much thought is needed before  the formulation of the title. The best approach, however, to the formulation of the title is to sum up the thoughts and terminologies that one considers appropriate for the dissertation and then consider what people would type to “Google” your thesis. The resultant keywords obtained would be the basic building blocks of the title, but use them only as building blocks, not as words using which the title must necessarily be formulated, rather improvise the terms and come up with something new and unique.

The Outline

The outline of a dissertation is verily a very big step that most students fear. The thought process involved and the planning involved before the writeup is indeed frustrating for most and leads to panic and anxiety. Not to worry, a very simple approach relieves all the problems faced during the creation of the outline.

  • First decide the number of chapters the dissertation would have and write down that number.
  • Then fill up the necessary items in the list such as the abstract, the title, the summary and the references.
  • Differentiate the writeup into titled and subtitled chapters of nearly equivalent word count.

Next comes the dissertation and the components of the dissertation itself which will be discussed in the next post.

Please keep in mind that one can easily research and apply tips from the Internet but  no one providing the tips online can guarantee a successful dissertation.  We at guarantee a successful dissertation and relaxed studies while we work at your dissertation.