Music Dissertations

Music Dissertations

Music Dissertation
It is always interesting to have anything to do with music. To most of us it seems like funny and entertaining event, as most of us consider dealing with music as relaxation part of a working day. But if music is your work, it may be daunting and exhausting as well as any other job. Especially it occurs when you need to write a music dissertation.

So what do you need to know to make your PhD dissertation on music matter well done?

What is music?

Music is a specific form of art characterized by making sound pieces. Originally, word “music” comes from Greek where it means “the art of Muses”. The main goal of any music activity is to create melodies and harmonies. Generally, music has a great social basis as an integral feature of any country, nation and ethnic group. It plays a big part in each state development having various cultural forms. Music may be considered as a cultural heritage, a form of business, a career, a science and a type of recreation.

General music elements

Pitch – a subjective quality of hearing. It characterizes a sound in the matter of wave and oscillation frequency. Having any features of heights pitch is often called a tone.
Rhythm – the combination of sequences and lengths of notes. Basically, it is a chain of notes and pauses.
Dynamics – generally, refers to sound volume tone. It points how loud and how hard one makes a sound.

Music development covers long-age history. Basically, it has always existed though in unusual for contemporary people forms. Any sound may be considered as music. Sounds of wind, sounds of waves, sounds of nature and industrial megacities – all of these refer to a specific definition of music. Anything that creates waves – creates sounds. Thus, anything that creates waves – creates music. Though, some of music sounds are not available for our ears.

It seems a little differently concerning music art. Music art is more likely to refer to human created piece of art. Only music composed by a man is supposed to be art. Is right or not – you are the judge.

Writing a dissertation

Writing music dissertations you need to first of all understand the purpose. Select the topic attentively and write down some key words that may serve a guide to your music dissertation.

Let’s remind a dissertation composition not to forget. It is general for all kinds of theses and can be applied within any science area.

• Introduction;
• Definitions;
• Conceptual Model;
• Experimental Measurements;
• Corollaries and Consequences;
• Conclusions;
• Abstract.

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As any other dissertation writing, music dissertations take some time to get them done. You will need to study a lot of sources and make a kind of a research. Your conclusions must be based on what you have learned. So, if you still have some complications or questions concerning how to write dissertations – do not hesitate to apply.