Tips to Writing A Quality Master’s Dissertation

How to Write A Master Dissertations

master's dissertationMaster dissertations are required for a postgraduate academic degree. They differ from other theses/dissertations that a student might have done before attempting a master’s dissertation, on the basis of their in-depth research.

The length of a master’s dissertation usually varies from 5000 words to 15000 words per dissertation. At the master’s level a dissertation is expected to be focused and specific to the dissertation topic.

In order to formulate quality master dissertations, one must ensure that the dissertations meet the following criteria:

  • The student must be able to formulate and contribute remarkably in the creation/selection of a suitable original dissertation topic.
  • A suitable amount of information must be acquired and research conducted before the start of dissertation writing.
  • A master’s dissertation requires the student/writer to be current with the most recent research, publication and debate in the subject area chosen for the dissertation.
  • The data acquired for the dissertation must be critically evaluated for its authenticity and all sources examined in detailed.
  • The student must possess the capability to think originally and creatively.
  • One must use the most current format and methodology in the dissertation, that which is most preferable in the concerned field.
  • The write-up of a master’s dissertation must not deviate from the dissertation topic and should be structured suitably, leading to a well defined conclusion.
  • It is preferable to include figures and charts where they are necessary, however an excess of such illustrations might reflect negatively.
  • The dissertation must be written in a highly professional manner so as to depict the standards of a master’s degree.
  • The references and the bibliography sections must also follow the chosen format.
  • The write-up must be analytically written and all aspects of the chosen topic must be discussed.

However, the most important aspect of a master’s dissertation is it’s practical implication in the chosen field of research. A master’s dissertation is not just a collection of bizarre ideas but is a collection of creative ideas which are academically important and contribute in any manner to the subject of research.

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