Guidelines to Writing a Master’s Dissertation

How to Write Master Dissertations

Masters DissertationThere is always a proper conduct of doing things, no matter what they are. Master dissertations are also one of those things which must be handled in accordance to the rules and regulations, specific formats and language structures must be applied or your dissertation would be nothing but words in bulk floating off the page.

Not to worry, we at are here to provide you with all the dissertation help you require. All you need to do is to go through the following guidelines which will help you in the dissertation writing for your master dissertations:

Choosing a Topic:

  • A dissertation topic must be chosen with grate care, especially if the dissertation is for an MA program.
  • Start by selecting a general area of research and make sure that the area of research you select is of interest to you and academically relevant, and that your choice is not completely based on your performance in the term papers pertaining to that specific area of research.
  • The title at this stage of a masters dissertation should be broad enough to accommodate new ideas and thoughts.
  • Narrow down the title to address specific questions as you progress through your research for a topic.

Dissertation Research:

  • Remember that most MA programs authorize the use of secondary data collection for dissertations which is a safer option based on the limited time-frame at hand.
  • No matter how convenient the Internet might be, dissertation research must start from libraries at your respective institutes or any other you have access to.
  • Make habit of noting down any ideas that come up during the dissertation research and label them in a disciplined manner.
  • While conducting research for your masters dissertation, it is important to mention the limitations of your research and methods.

Dissertation Writing:

  • The first and foremost step of dissertation writing is to focus or concentrate on what is being done.
  • The summary must present your argument in a concise manner and the word count should be at around 100 words or as proposed by your respective institution.
  • Make sure that the write up of you masters dissertation is formatted in lieu of your university’s instructions.
  • The masters dissertation should follow a logical progression of ideas presented in a manner so as to attract the reader to the very last chapter of your write up.

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