Writing an MA Dissertation

How to Write MA Dissertations

MA DissertationWhat an MA dissertation should portray is not simply a lengthy write up of whatever comes to your mind but it should be expertly written to meet the standards established by the academic institution. The dissertation should reflect your personal knowledge of the field, the ability to explore the subject and to analyze it critically to attain desirable results. The dissertation must also be well structured and properly formatted to meet your institution’s criteria.

When writing an MA dissertation it is important to cover all recent and on-going research so that a part of your dissertation informs the reader about the current work being done in the field while the other part of the dissertation proposes new ideas and theories for further development in the respective field.

Selecting a topic prior to your dissertation research is a positive point. It is good to know what you’re going to write about, before actually getting to write about. Nonetheless, a considerable fraction of students end up making amendments to their dissertation topic at the last hour. The important thing is to remain focused about your interests. It is better to write on something that interests you rather than writing about something you are actually going to give up on. The simplest way therefore to counter this is to conduct research prior to the selection of the topic for your MA dissertation.

Write a rough abstract and plan your dissertation. This helps keep track of your progress, defines your ultimate goals regarding the dissertation and serves as a to-do list. Make sure that the area of research you choose is of suitable scope and of interest to you personally. A lot of students work hard on topics that have no academic importance are thus disappointed at the end.

Dissertation writing is a tricky business. When writing MA dissertations make sure that you stay in regular contact with your supervisor. Most students have the liberty of taking advice from their desired supervisor however, in other cases such advisers are appointed by the institution itself. Consult them regularly regarding the scope of your chosen research area. Keep them updated on the progress of your dissertation. Make sure they get a copy of your drafts from time to time. No one else can guide you better than an academic who has experience regarding dissertations.

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