Writing a Brilliant Leadership Dissertation

How to Write Compelling Leadership Dissertations

Leadership Dissertation Leadership dissertations are pretty hard to produce not because of the sky-high word count nor because of the complexities of the research parameters (these are what you have to counter in every dissertation); but because of the fact that you have to put down this humane quality of leadership into words that combine to form your required leadership dissertation. So the tough part is putting this human quality to paper.

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How to Start a Leadership Dissertation

A leadership dissertation with all the intricacies regarding the dissertation format, research and by-the-book structure must necessarily start by defining what is perceived off the term ‘leadership’. Don’t just present definitions from advanced dictionaries but try to explain the term in your own words. Explain how an individual rises up to become a leader, how leadership is attained, what must a person do to become a leader and how a leader influences his/her environment and the people therein. This helps establish what you yourself understand about leadership.

Tips to Writing Leadership Dissertations

You can easily get structuring and formatting guides from your academic institution, but here’s what you really should concentrate upon when writing a leadership dissertation:

  • During the introduction, when explaining the term leadership, present the concepts and theories of at least three different researchers rather than concentrating on just one single concept. Then explain what you personally accept as a better way of defining leadership.
  • A leadership dissertation must depict your knowledge of leadership theories. Try to cover as many theories as possible. What fundamentally matters is how rich your dissertation is in terms of relevant material.
  • Convince the reader that you completely understand the discussed theories of leadership. Give examples of a few leaders and differentiate between them on the basis of these theories. This helps create a solid factual ground for your discussion.
  • Last but not the least, you must have a compelling topic for your leadership dissertation for it to stand out amongst other dissertations of the same kind. No one can give you the exact topic for your dissertation that’s gonna win you a reward from the dissertation committee. All you can do is gather ideas from all available sources you have at hand and then create something original; something that hasn’t been written about before.