Writing Law Dissertations

How to Write a Law Dissertation

Law DissertationsWhile the basic format of law dissertations may remain the same, there are various other aspects in which a law dissertation is different from dissertations relating to other subjects. Dissertations pertaining to law have little room for creativity sine the dissertation itself is based on well-documented facts and statements and care must be taken that your write-up does not exceed the parameters of these regulations. Arguments to be based on straight forward facts and cases to be analyzed in accordance with these facts.

Some things you should remember while crafting law dissertations:

  • It must be kept in mind that the research content for your case will vary from country to country since different countries employ different regulations.
  • An exhaustive and detailed study or dissertation research of the subject must be carried out before choosing a topic or a research question for your law dissertation.
  • While framing the research question or the dissertation topic, all the facts studied earlier must be reconsidered and consulted so as to frame a topic that has relevance to academics and is interesting to you.
  • All your sources of information pertaining to facts regarding your chosen topic must be classified prior to your analyzing the research question.
  • A schedule must be made while keeping in mind that its not some undergraduate essay you’re writing but a complete law dissertation. Hence allocate time for dissertation research, classification of sources, information analysis, dissertation writing and review. Keep the schedule flexible.

Of the numerous topics available, mostly a law dissertation is based on one of the following:

  • criminal law
  • commercial law
  • family law
  • administrative law
  • constitutional law
  • employment law

The amount of research work required and the acquisition of authentic sources is exhausting enough for a student who has other things and/or a job to deal with, let alone the analytical and writing part. It is natural to feel responsible to attempt doing the dissertation on your own, going through dissertation samples and dissertation guidelines online but, the question is: is it worth risking your future based purely upon samples and guidelines?

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