Identifying Stressors that Can Cause Dissertation Problems

Problem Sources which Might Affect the Conduct of Writing

There are times when you, as the dissertation writer, already feel that you are ready to begin with the dissertation. You have prepared all your possible references and you are set with a streamlined subject with a very appropriate title. But then, this is not enough for you to say that you are truly fully geared for the dissertation journey. There are certain problems which might arise along the conduct of the course and these you should anticipate in order for you to cope accordingly.

The Dissertation Sources of Stress:

1. Competition. Your classmates are sources of competition which could be destructive as you work on. Sometimes, there are instances when some are favored in such a way that they are scholarship grantees, some may have a more supportive committee than you, or even sometimes it seems that the entire graduate department does not find sense in what you are doing compared to how they view others’ works. This competition might make you feel more inferior and would lead you to stopping what you are conducting. Competition should not pave the way to ending your work. It should be constructive in such manner that you will be encouraged to work more and make your thesis better.

2. Feeling of Inadequacy. When you feel that you lack the skills and the resources, surrendering is not the solution. There are times when a dissertation writer should be able to assess and evaluate himself in order for him to know which areas he needs to work on more. Inadequacy should be a drive to seek for better opportunities to enhance your thesis.

3. Procrastination. Being unable to finish your dissertation highly depends on your drive to work. Procrastination is a deadly disease especially if your work come piling up and the deadlines are near. Cramming does not make good because dissertation is an academic writing that needs to be studied and plotted in an organized way. Do things as they are planned and be able to finish your thesis on time without you even realizing it’s done.

4. Hesitation. Hesitation is just mere reflection of your lack of knowledge. If you are a dissertation writer who is well-versed of the subject matter, there is no doubt you can answer questions which will be asked regarding your study. Mastery of the subject is a must in writing a doctoral thesis. If things become hazy, you can always refer to books or consult your thesis adviser for redirection and clarification.

5. Lack of Stimulation. The drive to work can be affected by the environment and the people around you. When you think inspiration is running out, search for a new environment to work on or find people who can boost your hope to write and continue with your work.

Dissertation writing is more than completing a hundred-page paper. It entails understanding, willingness and the ability to fight stressors which might cause your failure. Be strong when times are not so favorable for your work. Be tough when the drive to finish is beginning to crawl in.