History Dissertation Topics

History Dissertation Topics

Dissertation (thesis) is an academic paper of the highest level. It is a kind of a research work that needs from you a lot of skills, knowledge and of course some time to spend for the study. Writing a thesis, one must select a matter – a topic, and realize that his further destination is to fully explain all features of the issue picked. That’s why making up a topic is a very important part of any PhD dissertation writing.

Concerning any history dissertation topic, the only thing to say is that the field for investigation is more than big. It is enormous. Considering that Age of the Earth is about 4.54 billions of years, I can only wish you good luck in this hard kind of election. Even if one restricts the period to A.D. years, it will show us over 2 000 years of events and activities. Though, the problem is not that hard. All you need is to choose something, anything.

How to make a choice

Basically, in case if the professor didn’t assign you a topic or a particular issue, you should pick that is closer to you. Think about some events or a person you like or admire the most. You may even take to your mind writing about events you have witnessed.

In general you should consider three main clues:

• Time;
• Event;
• Results.

When we say Time, we mean a period when an event took place or life period of a person. You should limit your research object and make the time frame. You do not need to write about all Middle Age, for example, you may select some particular events of this period or a person who lived within it. Time frame may be any length: a year, a month, a week, a day. Even an hour can be an object of your study. If you can prove that it was significant then do not hesitate – write.

When we mind Event, talking about history dissertation topics, we mean a particular action or phenomena of a particular time period. In this case, we can mention birth or death of a specified person, adoption of the law, wars, epidemics, feasts, rituals etc. Any event may be considered as a plot of a history dissertation topic.

Speaking of Results, we first of all stress the importance of any effects caused by selected event. It means that you need to point what outcome a particular event had and why it is important for humanity.

Learning this basis and further comprehension will for sure help you to realize how to write dissertations. To make it even easier let’s remind some guidelines of theses writing.

Thesis elements:

Title page – page #1 of any work. It points the topic and the name of the author; also involves the course name and a number, name of the professor, institution and date.
The summary – a short overview of a research article.
Table of contents – a list of dissertation parts systemized in a specific way to show the structure of the work.
Body – the main part of a dissertation, mainly involves: introduction, literature review and findings.
Bibliography – the list of sources; usually refers to a references section.

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