How To Tackle A History Dissertation

Guidelines To Writing History Dissertations

History DissertationsOf the most obvious problems a student attempting to write a history dissertation would face, apart from the obvious huge write-up, would be to maintain the authenticity of his/her dissertation. The data is easily available and the information pertaining to any area in relation to the subject of history, is available in such a huge bulk that either:

  1. the student ends up using unreliable sources and data or
  2. is left with such huge mass of data that it is hard to choose what data to use and what not to.

The topic of a history dissertation must be chosen wisely so as to attain a constant level of interest in the topic itself and to ensure the availability of reliable sources when conducting dissertation research. It is important that you conduct your research prior to your dissertation writing. Researching for data and working on your dissertation at the same time would do you no good. It would only complicate the flow of data through your dissertation. Some general areas of research with regards to dissertation writing are as under:

  • cultural history
  • religious history
  • economic history
  • political history
  • art history
  • world history
  • history with respect to the continents
  • military history
  • maritime history
  • history of languages

It is important to have a sound knowledge of the field of research with respect to the subject of history, when writing history dissertations. Only then can one find an original aspect of the chosen field of study to research and build upon. The chosen topic for your dissertation might lead you to success or plunge you towards failure, for your topic defines your dissertation. No matter how thorough the dissertation research is or how good the write-up is, selecting a bad topic for a history dissertation will effect your overall grades.

Jot down probable topics for your history dissertation and keep on examining and editing the list till you come up with a dissertation topic that is not only interesting to you, but is also academically important. The key to scoring good grades in history dissertations is dependent on the topic you choose to represent your dissertation and the one original thought you base your research upon. Avoid plagiarism and work hard. Understand what you read and notice patterns in whatever your field of research may be.

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