Geography Dissertation Ideas

Geography Dissertation Ideas

Geography Dissertation Ideas
The main idea of writing a dissertation is to support you academic title by means of researching and investigating some particular matters. To succeed in such performance you need to know how to write dissertations and to select a topic to express. Basically, the idea of your thesis derives you a large percent of success in ratio to all dissertation defend process.

In order to form a geography dissertation idea, let’s at first study basic information about geography as such. The goal is not to simply list ideas but to touch up their appearance in one’s imagination.

The study of Earth

Geography is the science that studies and analyzes lands and inhabitants. Originally word geography comes from Greek where it means a study that describes earth. As the science geography investigates natural processes in interaction with human beings, animals and plants. It combines and competences knowledge from different areas of men’s life. Literally geography studies how all living organisms and elements exist and interact on Earth.

Generally, geographical science involves a large variety of branches that analyze different phenomena in different ways.

Geographical branches:

We can distinguish two main branches in geographical science:

human geography – researches people, ethnic group cultures and communities;
physical geography – studies and analyzed natural phenomena (atmosphere, biosphere, geosphere etc).

Within physical geography field we can also name some sub-branches that concentrate on specified subspecialties:

• Biogeography;
• Climatology and Meteorology;
• Coastal geography;
• Environmental management;
• Geodesy;
• Geomorphology;
• Glaciology;
• Hydrology and Hydrography;
• Landscape ecology;
• Oceanography;
• Pedology;
• Palaeogeography.

Meanwhile human geography involves:

• Cultural geography;
• Development geography;
• Economic geography;
• Health geography;
• Historical and Time geography;
• Political geography and Geopolitics;
• Population geography and Demography;
• Religion geography;
• Social geography;
• Transportation geography;
• Tourism geography;
• Urban geography.

Making up the idea

We can easily use all of the above as one of geography dissertation ideas to reveal in our PhD dissertations. You can also divide any of the idea by more concentrated area and study, for example, Economic Geography of Great Britain or Spreading of Christianity through the northern shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Narrowing the topic more you can make a research in the field of Economic Geography of Scotland or Religious Communities of Serbia.

As you can see a geography dissertation idea may deal with anything that is concerned with matters of living beings and their surroundings. You can pick any location, any phenomena and express it in paper. As an alternative you may speak about some famous people in geographical science or those who did something meaningful for its development. Thus, you can write about Christopher Columbus, James Cook or others. Literally the amount of possible geography dissertation ideas nears infinity. And the science is still developing from day to day.

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