How to Write A Geography Dissertation

Tips to Writing First-Class Geography Dissertations

Geography DissertationA geography dissertation is designed to cram your years of intensive studies into one piece of academic work exhibiting nothing but pure command over the research question and masterful writing skills.

When writing a dissertation relating to the subject of Geography, one must browse through the areas of research carefully in order to avoid being misled into writing on a topic of no academic or practical importance. Such errors are common in the subject of Geography due to numerous sub fields of the subject itself.

A few commonly researched areas in the field of geography are:

  • global warming
  • deforestation
  • impact of technology on our environment
  • migration
  • carbon emissions and the environment
  • geographical interactions between continents

A geography dissertation not only requires dedication on the writer’s part but also proper writing skills. Creative ideas are of no use unless you know how to put them down on paper. Dissertation writing is indeed a task mastered over time through positive experiences. Following are a few tips regarding geography dissertations:

  • Choose your dissertation topic wisely. It is the most significant aspect of your dissertation. Avoid topics that are of no academic significance.
  • Understand what is expected off your dissertation and formulate a strategy to achieve that goal.
  • Be specific at all time. A broad explanation of a topic is more susceptible to criticism and errors, it requires more references to justify your argument and often results in the student straying off the dissertation topic.
  • Collect some data before starting your dissertation. Dissertation research must be conducted alongside dissertation writing however, it is advised that the student be familiar about the topic before starting the dissertation.
  • Write down and preserve every idea you have regarding your geography dissertation. This will help during the writing-phase of the dissertation.
  • Libraries are a good source of useful information. One can find various books regarding Geography there. Online sources are also a great help.
  • Make sure that the sources you use for writing geography dissertations are authentic and accounted for. Use of out-dated sources or unreliable sources serves no good to your dissertation.
  • Visual illustrations like graphs, diagrams and tables are of great importance with respect to a geography dissertation. Make sure you include an appropriate amount of them and label them correctly.

Writing the dissertation requires skill and experience. Contact for help with your geography dissertation or to order a custom-made geography dissertation. Your work is handled by our team of academic professionals.