Using Free Dissertations

How Can A Free Dissertation Help You

free dissertationsWriting a dissertation can be daunting and even overwhelming sometimes. The reason being the extensive write-up, the painstaking dissertation research and adhering to the strict dissertation format provided by the university or the academic institution. Of course the effort to keep your work original and on-time is also equally important yet what we find over the Internet are countless free dissertations just waiting to be copied and used by people who’re unaware of the consequences that may occur as a result of their using these dissertations/theses.

The penalty for plagiarism is quite strict in almost all academic institutions. But then again, people have jobs and tight schedules to follow. How to fit in a huge dissertation in that schedule? How to overcome the temptation to simply copy and hand it over to the supervisors?

First of all, what you need is a dissertation plan to form a proper working schedule for your dissertation. As for the free dissertations, one can use them in ways that are both; helpful and harmless. However, free dissertations must never be used as an absolute source of information and here are the reasons why:

  • The authenticity of a dissertation available free of cost must always be doubted since the work is extremely extensive and detailed to exist in a free-for-all form.
  • The authorship of the dissertation can not be taken for granted.
  • The above two reasons alone prove the fact that all graphs, figures, digits or data presented in the dissertation can not be taken for granted.

Thus the free dissertation is worthless to those who plan to use it in an inappropriate manner. However, free dissertations do have some use in terms of formatting advice and act as a sample for a specific writing tone and style. A student could use a free dissertation for:

  • guidance relating to referencing and citation styles
  • understanding the relation between different sections of a dissertation
  • determining the appropriate flow of information through the various dissertation chapters
  • deciding what sections would be most beneficial to include in his/her own dissertation.

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