Complications Pertaining to Free Dissertations

Why Not to Use A Free Dissertation

Free DissertationsFree Dissertations and dissertation samples are available online for the purpose of customer review, which is often misinterpreted, and those samples are used as a guide to writing dissertations. The website hosting these free dissertations does not mention the purpose much, intentionally or unintentionally misleading the viewers and even potential customers.

More important to consider is:

  • the origin of the sample dissertation.
  • the quality of the free dissertation.
  • and the authenticity of the content within.

The above listed are the three most major things you should be concerned about while going through free dissertations. It is one thing to browse for dissertation help online and another to take ideas from free dissertation. By doing this, you are not only jeopardizing the quality of your dissertation but also the most important project of your life. Hence, think before you consult a free dissertation.

Reasons why you shouldn’t use a free dissertation include:

  • Almost in all cases, there is no mention of the author of such a dissertation.
  • Not all free dissertations are quality-compromised. Some websites do put up good quality dissertations, but with the sole purpose of customer review.
  • Due to the large number of free dissertations available online, it is extremely hard to find one that is relevant to your dissertation topic.
  • Since an institution provides specific guidelines to craft a dissertation, there are chances of error while consulting a free dissertation regarding the format of a dissertation.

If you think you can consult free dissertation without being misled into copying its format and/or taking ideas from it then you’re wrong. All its going to do for you is to give you an idea about the large bulk of words you actually have to deal with and waste your time.

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