Why Not to Care About Example Dissertations

Reasons to Avoid Dissertation Examples

Dissertation Examples Dissertation writing is as difficult a task as is the general perception and is made quite easier through the use of sample dissertations and dissertation examples. This is due to the fact that these examples provide a clear picture to the student of what is to be created by him/her and what the board expects from him/her.

Simple word-written guidelines are helpful indeed but not as much as a pictorial example of dissertations, which is exactly how a dissertation example/sample works. It presents the student with a clear definitive picture of what has to be done contrary to a word-written guideline which may present itself with nothing but confusion.

These dissertation examples are easily accessible to all and are mostly available free of cost. Some of the many reasons they should be avoided are as under:

  • The authenticity of a dissertation sample is seldom accounted for. Though many websites post and make available various samples of dissertations, claiming them to be perfect in every aspect, the authenticity is conveniently ignored.
  • Since the example dissertation can not be considered authentic (in most cases), the writing style, way of presenting critique, writing format and the elaboration of acquired information are all rendered useless.
  • If however, the dissertation samples are still consulted for advice, not only do the chances for mistakes increase but also the acquisition of wrong concepts is possible which could lead to debase the fundamental writing skills.
  • The acquisition of wrong concepts does not restrict its damage to the current dissertation but also to all other future literary works of academic importance until the concepts are reviewed by the individual him/herself, which rarely happens.
  • In spite of the fact that example dissertations are helpful (if you do somehow find an authentic one), it is always better to be creative and test your own ideas before adapting an already established mode of delivery.
  • Many of the dissertation examples are plagiarized i.e. the writer of the dissertation has copied a part or the complete dissertation from someone else without giving proper recognition to the original writer. Re-use of such a dissertation in any possible way is itself a crime.
  • If you are browsing through example dissertations just to copy content from them then do keep in mind the fact that academic institutions do not take this matter lightly and students found guilty of such behavior have to pay a severe price in return.

Despite the above mentioned, an example dissertation is a good way of learning how to write a dissertation. If you are looking for dependable dissertation examples/samples then please visit dissertationtoday.com. We also offer custom written dissertations at an affordable price.