How to Write an Engineering Dissertation

Structuring Engineering Dissertations

Engineering DissertationEngineering dissertations are a bit more complex than dissertations of other fields due to the technical aspect of the dissertation. All the descriptive analysis along with representative diagrams and the multifaceted calculations need to be arranged and structured in an attractive manner.

The dissertation should be composed so that the balance between Geometry, Physics and what you are trying to explain, remains coherent. One cannot ignore this mathematical aspect of the dissertation while on the other hand too many calculations would ruin it all. This sophisticates the structuring of engineering dissertations and proves to be a big hurdle in dissertation writing.

Following are a few basic steps required to complete an engineering dissertation:

  1. First and foremost you should be aware of  what you are going to write about. The research questions must be crystal clear to you and of reasonable interest. No use writing about something that bores you on the inside. Be clear of the academic importance of your dissertation topic and when you have decided and finalized your topic, consult your supervisor.
  2. As detailed earlier the mathematical aspect of an engineering dissertation is way too important to be taken lightly. Hence, get over it as soon as possible. Gather information about any machinery you are going to explain in your dissertation. Collect your facts, note them down and double-check your calculations before proceeding any further.
  3. Make a dissertation plan and stick to it. Schedule the time you are going to allot for your dissertation and remain focused on what you are doing during the time. It is better to take a break than to waste time staring at the paperwork to be done. Try to finish your dissertation writing as soon as possible without over-stressing yourself.
  4. Your dissertation research must be conducted in a detailed manner so that you have reasonable information prior to writing the dissertation. Do not spend all the time during research. Conduct research along with your dissertation writing. This helps the writer stay focused and avoids the confusion of not finding the right information collected earlier and hence saves time.
  5. Be extremely cautious about the writing format of your engineering dissertation and follow the writing guidelines provided by your academic institution. Do not forget to proofread your dissertation from time to time.

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