Electronic Dissertations and Their Modes of Submission

Dealing With an Electronic Dissertation

Electronic Dissertation

What is so special about electronic dissertations? What does the term even mean? Simply put an electronic dissertation is an electronic copy of your paper-printed dissertation. Moreover this isn’t something new. Various universities around the world have already established a requirement for students to submit not only a paper dissertation but also an electronic copy of it.

When you think of the word dissertation what you imagine is a big stack of papers bound together in the form of a huge booklet and you’re completely daunted by the very thought of it. The revolution of electronic dissertations in academic writing changes this very perception of the people.

Modes of Submission of an Electronic Dissertation

There are three easy ways to submit your electronic dissertation. Choose the method that suits you most:

  • One approach to relaying your electronic dissertation to your professor is via electronic mail. Simply attach your electronic dissertation to your email comprising of a few obliging greetings and the attached copy of your dissertation of course, and send it to your professor/concerned authority on their e-mail address.
  • Another method requires you to upload your electronic document on a website from where different people whom you authorize or the review-committee members, would be able to access your electronic dissertation online. This particular method is more helpful when more than one person has to review your electronic dissertation.
  • The third manner of submission requires you to transfer your electronic dissertation into a flash drive or to burn it on a compact disc and then to deliver it by hand or by post to your professor. You could also personally submit your electronic dissertation (which is now in the form of optical media) to your professor/adviser. This mode of conveyance may not be as convenient as the previously mentioned two options.

Advantages of Electronic Dissertations

There are numerous advantages of having an electronic copy of your dissertation. Three of these are listed as under:

  1. The most obvious benefit of an electronic dissertation is that it saves paper.
  2. If you are required to produce a paper-copy of your dissertation later, you can easily do so through the electronic copy you have stored in your computer, compact discs or in flash drives.
  3. If you have uploaded your electronic dissertation on a website, potential employers can go through the uploaded online dissertations and assess your skills.

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