Editing Dissertations – How to Proofread Your Dissertation

Dissertation Editing – Tips to Successfully Proofread Your Dissertation

Dissertation EditingWhile writing a dissertation and going through all the lengthy research process students often get overwhelmed by the load of work and continuous reviewing of dissertations and research papers. In such circumstances, along with the pressures of work and other university commitments, it is common for pupils to over look certain aspects of a dissertation. Hence dissertation editing is necessary to correct those minor errors which are apparently not visible to the writer in the first reading. Contributing factors that lead to such errors include:

  • pressure of completing the dissertation in time
  • continuous struggle to achieve the best possible results from dissertation writing
  • nature of job/work
  • home assignments and other university work not related to the dissertation
  • work environment and the degree of concentration a student is able to muster for dissertation writing

Dissertation editing or proof-reading your dissertation ensures that errors made due to the above-mentioned factors are properly dealt with. People new to dissertation writing often end up stretching the dissertation in order to satisfy the word count requirements and in the process several facts are repeated and rephrased again and again. Inexperienced writers or student writing a dissertation for the first time (which is usually the case) are oblivious to such mistakes and the consequence of which is the achievement of low grades and poor performance.

The task of editing dissertations aims to achieve the clarity of your work along with quality. The write-up is focused onto the fundamental theme of the dissertation. This is done by continuous re-reading of the dissertation which may take from four to eight weeks. Other errors generally corrected while editing a dissertation include:

  • spelling mistakes
  • grammatical mistakes
  • improper use of punctuation marks
  • improper formatting of the dissertation
  • improper formatting of the references
  • inappropriate layout of the dissertation
  • contradiction of facts
  • and inconsistency in writing style

It must be noted that it is extremely rare that a student can edit his her/own work in a perfect manner and the less prepared you are about editing dissertations, the longer it would take you to complete this task. It is generally advised to seek dissertation help from professional dissertation writers who can help you polish your dissertation to the level of perfection you want.

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