Writing Economics Dissertations

How to Write An Economics Dissertation

Economics Dissertation

Writing an economics dissertation as a part of a higher education program necessitates individual research on a chosen topic in a general subject of economics. Economics dissertations vary from dissertations of other fields on the basis of topics that are often expansive and more detailed thus contributing to a painstaking search for the dissertation topic by the students.

A student dealing with an economics dissertation is always encouraged to choose a topic relating to the general field of economics, using his/her own interests. Some of the regularly used sub-fields of economics employed for dissertation writing are:

  • government and market failure
  • markets
  • international trade
  • financial economics

The structure of an economics dissertation is equally important and fundamental to the success of the dissertation itself. It is imperative that the aims and objectives be clearly declared at the very beginning of the dissertation. This helps the reader to absorb what your dissertation is about and helps the student to focus his/her thoughts, along with the dissertation research, onto the chosen dissertation topic.

Insert your research question next and build your write-up around it. It is important that the manner in which the research question is presented be fundamentally academic in nature and practically sound. Remember that the reader weighs the importance of your work based on his/her analysis of your research question. Writing on topics and seeking answers to questions that hold no academic importance or practical significance is a bad idea.

Segregate your answer to the research question properly in order to maintain a steady flow of information and to categorize your thoughts. Economics dissertations are difficult to handle without proper structuring and classification of information presented by the student.

The conclusion of an economics dissertation must address all the aspects of the research question and other related queries. Questions that remain unanswered due to the requirement of further research must be clearly mentioned in the conclusion and details relating to the additional research should also be given.

Clearly state your sources and use proper university-advised formats from the very start of your economics dissertation to the references. Analyze every aspect of your dissertation from the examiner’s point of view and keep your write-up focused onto the dissertation topic.

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