The Components of a Dissertation

A Few Simple Tips for the Dissertation Body

After the formulation of the abstract, the thesis title and the thesis outline which constitutes the very initial and introductory part of the dissertation, next comes the dissertation introduction or the introduction to the thesis. The introduction to a thesis is a very important feature of the complete dissertation. Most people are able to comment on the language of the dissertation, the quality of data provided and the authenticity of it by reading the initial five to six pages, hence the introduction to the dissertation should be written in a manner most presentable to the reader. The introduction must contain the following aspects;

  • It should relay the research purpose as clearly as possible.
  • The research problem presented must be well argued.
  • The english used must be perfect in syntax and in vocabulary.
  • The sentences must be well structured so as to attract the reader.

A concrete problem definition must be provided in the thesis introduction along with a list of contributions. Moreover, write in english as simple as possible and avoid the usage of complex words. Everything presented in the dissertation introduction must be honestly written and without any form of exaggeration.

The Thesis

The major bulk of the write up is to be concentrated here, hence more attention should be given to the body of the thesis. The following tips might help in writing the dissertation body;

  1. Make sure the chapters are well written so as to convey a general sense of progression through the dissertation.
  2. Choose a presentation format and stick to it.
  3. Use as much figures as possible. Figures attract the readers and makes the dissertation more interesting.
  4. Clarity with respect to the assumptions made, the limitations and constraints presented, must be maintained throughout the dissertation.
  5. It is important to stay factual when writing dissertations. Opinions must be presented later on in the conclusion.
  6. The results must not be scattered throughout the dissertation but in fact be summed up and presented in a reader-friendly manner.

Dissertations should also incorporate the methodology applied and the approach undertaken along with the reasons for the selection of the specific approach. Other methodologies consulted or considered, prior to the selection of the one used in the dissertation, must also be mentioned in a manner that explains why they were discarded.

Next comes the conclusion part of the dissertation and how to wrap it all up, which will be discussed in the next post.

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