Dissertation Writing Guide

A Short Guide to Dissertation Writing

Dissertation Writing Guide

This dissertation writing guide aims to help you think through the various features of researching, formulating and defending a dissertation. The points discussed as under are meant to make your dissertation writing a unique experience. Through the tips given as under you can lessen the burdens of writing a dissertation.

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Phase 1: Preparing for the Dissertation

This portion of the short dissertation writing guide enlists tips and suggestions aimed to help you out with the preparation for your dissertation:

1.       Be creative. Don’t reject ideas too quickly. Gather as many ideas as you can.

2.       Must be hard keeping track of all those creative ideas. Assign a separate diary/notebook to write these down. This will also help later on with your dissertation research.

3.       Keep in mind the time you have for the whole project and plan accordingly. Don’t exhaust yourself through over-work the very first day.

Phase 2: Writing the Dissertation

Following are a few tips designed to assist you with your dissertation writing; when you’re done with the preparation phase.

1.       While most dissertation writing guides emphasize that the student should start from the very first chapter and work his/her way to the end, this one does not. The best approach is to write those sections of the dissertation first, which you are more comfortable with.

2.       Start your writing from the section of the dissertation that interests you most. Move on from this section to the next interesting one. Keep on building these sections which can be later on placed in order.

3.       Formulate a workable schedule. Prioritize your work and allot time accordingly. Make room for rest and other personal activities.

4.       As you move on with your dissertation you may want to print out drafts of the original work. Print these drafts on paper of different color to keep track of the drafts you printed.

5.       Remember to note down everything since mental exertion would be at its high due to the dissertation.

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