Guidelines to Writing Dissertations That Guarantee Success

Writing a Good Dissertation

Dissertation writing is an art mastered over time and through regular assignments offered by the institution. It certainly is a difficult task to jot down a lengthy dissertation in a way that it gets approved. The following key points must be considered when writing a dissertation:

  • One of the concepts pertaining to dissertation writing is that one should start writing from the beginning or the first chapter and keep writing till the last chapter. However, this path seldom leads to success. What should be done is to complete writing the titles or chapters in which one is most interested and then move on to the other parts. This approach results in several well written components of a dissertation which should then be sequenced properly. Hence follow your interests and write on what interests you more. Fill out the gaps or the chapters left, later.
  • Use the dissertation proposal to help keep track of your dissertation writeup.
  • Do not get confused during the writing phase with the bulk of words in front of you, label or title it and keep track of what you’re doing on paper.
  • Number the chapter drafts you print out so as to keep track of the latest version and arrange them from the oldest to the latest version. This way you can keep track of the improvements you’ve made to the draft of a particular chapter.
  • Select a specific term for a particular phrase and use that term throughout the dissertation writing process in order to keep the reader from getting confused over alternative terms used for the same phrase.
  • Review a few published dissertations and examine the particular format used, the style of arranging data and the way of presenting ideas. Absorb and learn from them.

After completing your dissertation, move back to chapter one and confirm if the flow of ideas and the writing style leads the reader from the first chapter to the last or not. If not, then make amends where necessary. Also, make sure that the dissertation has not drifted off the dissertation topic.

How to Write Consistently

Surely writing dissertations is a tiresome job and one can not write a complete dissertation without getting distracted, hence here are a few tips to help out with the consistency problem:

  • First, keep your work at a place most visible to you. Chances of consistency increase with the duration of time your work will be readily available to you. This would also help keep track of your priorities.
  • Keep the work environment as organized and clean as possible.
  • Write anything that comes to your mind. Perfect it later.
  • Schedule your work in a manner that includes rest periods for your brain. This will help boost up the quality of your dissertation.

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