Browsing Through Possible Dissertation Topics

Four Practical Ways to Choose the Perfect Dissertation Topic for You

dissertation topicIf a dissertation has to come out of something, it would be a dissertation topic. It is the core where all the other sub parts- the abstract, the statement of the problem, the methodology, the results, the discussion and all that- hinge upon. Before you complete a report, it is important that you find the right subject among a wide array of choices. But of all the potential dissertation topics, how do you narrow down your options and decide on and pick the right one for you? We made our own four P’s for this, to give you practical steps as you take on this journey. Here are simple ways to go about it.

Passion(What are your interests?)

Think of your passion. What is one thing you are most interested in? What are the things you love? If you choose a subject you are fascinated about, you have more chances of putting in more insights, producing more accurate results, and filling the pages of your report with more substantial discussions. It will be something you will not take for granted, therefore you will yield a report of good quality.

People (Who will have access to your journal?)

Your finished work is not only for you to read and benefit from. If you think about it, it all starts as a requirement from a professor. There will come a point when you would have to defend it in front of a committee. Once published, people will have access to your research. Taking their approval into consideration will help you choose a dissertation topic that more people will patronize.

Purpose (Why do you want to produce this paper?)

Nothing happens or comes without a purpose. Your research is not an exception. What is your purpose for deciding to work on a dissertation? Surely, it is not only because it is required of you. You have to find a deeper definition for itself. Whether it is to generate action, initiate change, inspire a movement, expose a controversy, assess an existing system, influence or simply answer a question. Your work will be directed by your purpose so be sure to have one and be clear with it when choosing a dissertation topic.

Path (What field are you in?)

This research paper is part of your career. It is therefore important that you consider its relation to, and impact and significance on the field of study you are in. Also, your proficiency about the subject will save you time in doing the research because you already know what to look for and where to rummage for information.

Did we help you make a choice? Have you found the right one? If yes, then you have just started your engine. Remember, everything else you write about revolves around your subject. Countless dissertation topics will present themselves. But once you know what you want to focus on, and once you recognize the people you want to write for, once you identify your purpose, and once you make it a point to make it in line with your profession, it should not be that hard to go over all of them and actually find the perfect one for you.