Making a Good Dissertation Topic Great

Characteristics of Exceptional Dissertation Topics

If your eyes are the window to your soul, your dissertation topic opens the view to your thesis paper. The beauty that your topic illuminates reflects the content of your research. How then would you formulate a good dissertation topic? How do you make sure it will have a significant impact on your readers and the research committee? makes this easy for you by providing exceptional thesis-writing help and this: characteristics of a great dissertation topic.

  • Specific

If you make a topic too vague or too broad, consider yourself as starting on the wrong foot. Chances are, somewhere along the way, you would trip off if you realize you are not getting anywhere and completing your research is close to impossibility. Being specific with what you want to tackle is important because you would want to be directed to just ONE goal. You would also be able to generate more focused results aimed at appealing to a more specific audience.

  • Purposeful

Something does not just come out of nothing. Would you agree that dissertation topics are products of ingenious minds with great concerns for the world? If yes, then make sure you stuff your topic with a lot of significance. It may have come out of a brilliant idea (initially), but if you try to look for a deeper rationale behind your desire to work on it, then you may be able to present a topic that the people would surely benefit from and, therefore, patronize, or even recommend.

  • Relevant

Dissertations are made to introduce new findings and open doors for more and newer discoveries. Knowing this and looking at the different factors to consider when choosing a dissertation topic, you would see that relevance plays a significant role. If you can ensure that your project is relevant to your field, relevant to the needs of the society, relevant to other people’s studies, then you can be sure that you are paving the way for more innovations, more bright ideas, and more people benefiting from the products of your work.

  • Realistic

Imagine this: if not realistic, your topic would be out-of-this-world; it would be similar to writing for non-human readers and alienating the world with ideologies that are beyond human comprehension. It is always alright to think out of the box. But always be realistic and consider the attainability of your research work. You do not want to start something and not be able to finish it because you encountered a lot of dead-ends. When you do research dissertations, remember that you have to make use of available resources, and they are not always unlimited.

  • Marketable

Another characteristic to consider when writing dissertation topics is marketability- how will you be able to get your target market to “buy” your project? The challenge that comes immediately after formulating your research proposal would be getting the approval of the research committee. Immediately after that would be soliciting funds. Make sure your topic is marketable- that is sellable and able to generate mass appeal so that it would have a higher possibility of getting subsidy for. If the research panel does not believe that your research is salable, then they would not readily give you financial support.