Choosing Dissertation Topics

How to Pick a Dissertation Topic

Dissertation topics not only represent your research work alone, but also the research work that will change the course of your life. Verily a person’s career path is shaped by the success of his/her dissertations and dissertation topics help symbolize it. Hence choosing a dissertation topic is not that easy a task and one must start looking for topics well in time. Here are a few tips that must be considered while choosing dissertation topics:

  • The first thing that needs to be done is to accept the fact that most successful dissertations had topics created specifically for them. Hence try creating a topic rather than looking for one.
  • Consult your adviser with whatever ideas you might have and go with the ones the adviser recommends.
  • Try to look for a topic that would help you in your intended career path in the future.
  • Search for something unique and different. Build your research work on literature already published so as to expand the field, which would in turn provide you with ideas unique for your dissertation and dissertation topic.
  • Pick a topic that is interesting for you to research on.
  • Gain as much opinion as possible. Be it from tutors or from colleagues.

Double-check the Dissertation Topic

After the selection of the dissertation topic it is vital to make sure that:

  • the topic hasn’t been used before.
  • the topic brings something new to the field of research.
  • the chosen topic is manageable to write and research upon.
  • the topic is interesting not only to you, but also to the adviser and prospective employers.
  • the topic is significant in the field of research.
  • the topic leads to research areas you are familiar with.
  • the topic is compatible with the time frame available.

The most important thing to consider is whether you yourself are confident about the dissertation topic or not, for it is you who has to work on it and it is your resume’ the dissertation topic would be in.

While some people do manage to stumble upon dissertation topics that are a success, most wind up writing on topics already used before and conducting research that adds nothing to the respective field. We at can help you choose a topic that guarantees success.