What are Dissertation Templates ?

How to Use A Dissertation Template

Dissertation TemplatesIn response to the pleas of over burdened students in academic institutions, the dissertation templates were introduced to make the formatting of the dissertations easy, after the write-up was formulated. Thus giving the student more time to contribute towards his/her dissertation research. Most templates have strict instructions pertaining to the page formatting and the chapter formatting.

Hence dissertation templates are blank dissertations with well defined formats and contain instructions as to how a student can use the dissertation template. Using dissertation templates might be tricky for a person inexperienced in their use, for these templates may employ instructions to which one is totally oblivious. Almost all dissertation templates issued by academic institutions contain instructions which revolve around the following:

  • The specific formatting of the dissertation chapters i.e. the proper arrangement and order of the title page, copyright, dedication, prologue, table of contents, figures, graphs, abbreviations, abstract along with the content chapters themselves.
  • The arrangement of page margins, the page numbers, the use of footnotes, positioning of the text, positioning of the title or the subtitle, etc.
  • Formatting of the text, which includes a specific font and a specific font size, the color of the text, the use of superscript and subscripts, the figure captions or those necessary for graphs, charts, excel sheets, etc.
  • A dissertation template also contains instructions about the size and color of the printing paper used for the dissertation and other printing specifications.

These dissertation templates are a great source of dissertation help. All you have to do is to fill the researched information regarding your dissertation into or in accordance to the dissertation template. But that’s what almost every body does and at the end most people are not satisfied by the grades they get.

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