What Is A Dissertation Review?

The Procedure For A Dissertation Review

Dissertation ReviewA dissertation review is done after the completion of a dissertation. First by the student him/herself for revision and editing purposes and then by the academic institution in order to grade the dissertation.

Intellectuals might even review the dissertation after its publication, in which case the person who conducts the dissertation review examines and comments on different aspects of the dissertation.

The following aspects of a dissertation are examined during a dissertation review:

  • the dissertation layout
  • the dissertation topic
  • the dissertation structure
  • the dissertation research
  • the sources used
  • the relevance to the dissertation topic
  • the referencing format of the dissertation
  • the methodology chapter
  • the flow of data throughout the dissertation
  • the language used in the dissertation
  • the presentation of data in the dissertation

It must be noted that the above mentioned are online a few aspects which are considered during a dissertation review. After the completion of a dissertation, a student should also keep the above in mind and review his/her own write-up, in accordance to the above stated.

Writing a dissertation is surely a tough job, but one must not label it as ready for submission before at least a few dissertation reviews by the student him/herself. Take some time off and relax a bit before you review your dissertation for editing and correction purposes. This will help you concentrate more on the dissertation during the review.

When conducting the review read your write-up from a reader’s point of view and critically examine everything. Make sure that you:

  • have included everything you wanted to
  • are satisfied with your presentation of the argument
  • have established a flow of content through the dissertation chapters
  • yourself can read your dissertation easily.

Think critically and observe whether the page numbers are formatted perfectly or not, the titles according to the guidelines or not. Evaluate everything in detail. Also, make sure that:

  • the chapters are well-presented and in order
  • the contents page is included
  • you used the correct writing format

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