The Dissertation Defence – Dissertation Questions

Things to Know Before Answering a Dissertation Question

Dissertation QuestionsDissertation writing is undoubtedly the most important and the most difficult step in a student’s academic life. The dissertation research, analysis of data acquired and the creation of the write-up itself is in fact rewarded by a degree.

However, the complete dissertation-phase is not limited to the completion of your dissertation. After its completed, you must defend it in front of a panel of judges who will ask dissertation questions based on the dissertation you’ve handed them over. The panel will critically evaluate the authenticity, practical application and the relevance of your dissertation to your chosen subject.

In order to learn how to answer questions in a dissertation defense, one must first be aware of the dissertation defense itself. No matter what the focus of your dissertation might be, every dissertation is judged by a panel of scholars and academics of the relevant subject and here you must reason and argue logically to defend your dissertation. Satisfy every question that comes off from that panel for it is vital to get a degree that the panel approves your dissertation. The following might help you with your dissertation question:

  • Before a session of dissertation defense, the student is given some time to prepare for the dissertation questions. Use this time wisely and critically analyze your dissertation. Try to anticipate the questions that would be asked by the panel and prepare accordingly.
  • Inquire in advance about the duration of the dissertation defense session and the atmosphere therein. If possible checkout the place in person. It will help against stress when you’re going to be answering a dissertation question since you would be familiar with the atmosphere, about the panel of judges and the types of questions being asked, you could then focus on the question stress-free.
  • Attending some other dissertation defense session before your own would also be a great help.
  • Read your dissertation thoroughly while preparing for the defense questioning. You must have a sound knowledge of whatever your dissertation represents and must be aware of all facts stated therein so as to avoid the embarrassment of being unable to answer a dissertation question.
  • Make sure you dress-up properly. Take out your finest suits and select a sober, simple and decent suit. Be formal and dress formally.

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