How to Formulate A Dissertation Proposal

Writing Dissertation Proposals

Dissertation Proposals

While throughout the year students are prone to work in large groups or a collective students society, a time does come when one has to self-study for academic purposes. A thesis/dissertation is an individual assignment issued by the respective academic institutions.  Writing a dissertation is indeed a difficult task and devising the dissertation proposal tops all.

In preparing the dissertation proposal, one is indeed crafting something out of nothing. During the formulation of a dissertation proposal, one is destined to encounter:

  • The development of comprehensive understanding of an issue or a problem.
  • The identification of relevant literature pertaining to that specific issue.
  • The summarizing of that literature in accordance to your dissertation proposal.
  • Developing your own standpoint and perspective of the problem or the issue under consideration.

What dissertation proposals aim to achieve is the objective that the reader start with only a little information and then going through the dissertation proposal develops a certain importance of the issue or the problem under consideration, so that the reader feels the immediate need to research the problem, but that is of course your job. The reader would only readily grant you permission to proceed with your research.The dissertation proposals generally have the following parts:

  • introduction
  • problem statement
  • conceptual framework or literature review
  • methodology
  • bibliography
  • appendices

One should specifically concentrate on the background, context and the severity of the problem while presenting the problem statement. Also discuss why the problem or the issue matters to the general public, yourself and if it is of any academic importance.

Though most people start their dissertation research after the approval of their dissertation proposals, but it is imperative to have a little research done before the formulation of the dissertation proposal. Following are some tips which might help you with your dissertation proposal:

  • Plan your time and start with the dissertation proposal early. It would help against a lot of stress later.
  • Be thorough in your literature review so as to encompass better understanding of the dissertation topic itself.
  • Be extremely cautious regarding any changes in the course or direction of your dissertation research. Inform the concerned administrators regarding that modification.

Writing a dissertation proposal in not an easy task and verily students do lose their patience over them. Not to worry, is always here to help you with your dissertations and dissertation proposals.