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Tips to a Perfect Dissertation Presentation

Dissertation presentation

What is a dissertation presentation? Is it simply the formatting of a dissertation according to the perfect dissertation layout? Or is it how the text reflects the information being communicated through the dissertation? Is it a speech? Or is it an exhibition of your ideas in front of a group of people?

A dissertation presentation is basically a demonstration of your research work in front of a committee with authority to comment on your work in any manner they see fit. What matters to them is the presentation of your dissertation, the authenticity of your ideas and how you can stick to your theories.

The fact that your hard-work will be reviewed by a committee of senior literates who are there just to question your dissertation lays a great deal of pressure on the students. Preparation for that day in advance is the only thing that can save you from an embarrassing situation.

Be Mentally Prepared For It

While one focuses on the physical aspects of a dissertation presentation, it is important to keep track of your thought process and prepare mentally for the presentation. No matter how many nights you’ve spent producing first class and original material for your dissertation; if you don’t know how to answer the committee’s questions you are going to fail there.

Some of the best tips regarding your mental preparation for the presentation are explained as under. Remember these tips are for all dissertation presentations. Whether you’re writing a simple undergraduate dissertation or a PhD dissertation; these tips will ensure you ace your dissertation.

  • When you’re done with your dissertation and are preparing for the presentation of your research in front of the committee; make sure you know what you are going to say there. The best way to prepare for this is by taking notes from your dissertation about all the important concepts and ideas you are going to discuss there. Go through these again and again. Memorize them, along with a few supportive sources.
  • Another way to prepare for dissertation presentations is by anticipating the questions that the committee will ask. Review the key concepts of your dissertation, try to predict what the committee will ask and enlist your thoughts separately. Prepare the answers to these questions first.
  • Fear of public speaking can be a problem during the presentation. When we’re nervous, the human mind tends to lose track of thoughts and tends to panic. You need to avoid that at all costs. Start by practicing in front of friends, family or other people close to you.

Don’t forget to get a good night’s sleep prior to your dissertation exhibition and be confident on the day of your presentation. It is natural to feel a little nervous during your presentation but you must stay focused and attentive during the session.

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