The Dissertation Methodology

How to Introduce the Research Methodology

It is essential for a dissertation to relay the methodologies applied during the research work for the complete writeup of the dissertation. The very basic constituents of the methodologies’ chapter, when writing dissertations are:

  • An overview of the questions being researched: for which the answers may be hard to find, along with a detailed explanation of the problems faced during the investigation of the answers.
  • A brief synopsis of the approach used and the methodology applied for the purpose of research in relation to the dissertation.
  • Discuss in detail the methods of acquisition of the data and the manner in which it would be arranged or classified.
  • Detail the methodology applied to analyze the data acquired and how conclusions would be drawn from the analysis.

The chapter pertaining to the methodologies used in a dissertation is not necessarily supposed to be detailed enough to help the reader recreate the research methodology applied in the dissertation. It should, however, be detailed enough to depict the authenticity of the research and the methodology applied. In simpler words, the description of the research methodology should only be detailed enough to certify the results of the research.

The general layout of the chapter should follow a progressive pattern:

  • The introductory part of the chapter may contain the dissertation research problem, on which the questions are based.
  • After the initial or introductory part of the chapter on methodology, the discussion should be focused on the research methods rather than the research questions.
  • Then one may also justify the specific methodology chosen for the purpose of research and include a discussion why other methodologies were negated.

The Variables and Limitations of the Research Methodology

The variables and limitations of the chosen research method must also necessarily be included in the chapter relating to the methodology of the research. This is to ensure that the candidate has examined every aspect of the methodology and is aware of the limitations his/her chosen research method has in relation to the data acquired. Since these limitations are directly connected to the outcome of the research, they must be mentioned in the chapter. All fields or areas of research purposely excluded from the research act as variables for your research methodology and hence must be mentioned and accounted for.

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