Importance of Dissertation Layouts

How to Layout Your Dissertation

Dissertation LayoutOf the many secrets to successful dissertation writing, one is to present the dissertation in a manner attractive to the reader. The dissertation layouts not only help the reader browse through your dissertation but also helps the student to keep track of his/her dissertation.

While most students regard the contents of the dissertation to be superior to the dissertation layout itself, thus cramming their research in a disorderly fashion, it is important to keep in mind that presentation matters. Moreover, good dissertation layouts help the examiners with their grading procedures.

It must be kept in mind that the structuring of your dissertation is the next thing the reader notices after reading your dissertation topic. Hence creating a praise-worthy dissertation layout  is a skill one must master in order to write a first-rate dissertation. Here are a few tips to help you with your dissertation layout:

  • Don’t just start writing your dissertation without any plan. Outline it and structure it, then fill in the content to the relative titles or chapters.
  • It is imperative to presenting your dissertation in a good manner that you are aware of what you are doing. Gather as much information as possible relating to the chapter you write.
  • Make subtitles and number them so that your dissertation is easy to go through.
  • Use appropriate phrases while structuring your dissertation. Academic institutions prefer certain title-phrases to be used in titles and subtitles of the dissertation. These are easily noticeable is the sample dissertations or the dissertation guides provided by the institution.

A dissertation should reflect the creativity and the originality of the student writing it. However, this creativity should be confined to the dissertation research or the methods of critical analysis. The sole purpose of promoting dissertation formats is to ensure uniformity amongst the produced literary works. Hence, be creative while writing your dissertation but don’t alter the dissertation layout. A general dissertation layout includes the following:

  • abstract
  • table of contents
  • introduction
  • literature review
  • methodology
  • data analysis
  • discussion
  • conclusion
  • bibliography
  • appendices

Try to maintain a flow of information throughout your dissertation. Your chapters must be coherent and inter-connected, but not in a manner that the reader gets lost between your chapters or ends up reading the analysis before the literature review.

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