The Fundamentals of Dissertation Critique

How to Write a Dissertation Critique

Dissertation CritiqueA dissertation critique is an analysis of a dissertation written by someone else. It must be noted that the term ‘critique’ does not constitute criticism of the literary work under consideration but an analysis which may have results in lieu or in contrast with your own dissertation.

By conducting a dissertation critique a student develops his/her abilities to examine a dissertation critically and logically.It does not involve a simple reading of the dissertation but a careful critique of facts stated and opinions expressed.

When writing a dissertation critique it is important to stay focused on the analysis of the dissertation. Analyze facts rather than commenting on them. Don’t just try to get over the critique writing but conduct an in-depth analysis of the dissertation.

Keep in mind that the purpose of the dissertation critique is only to prepare you for your own dissertation writing. Following are a few points you should keep in mind when conducting a dissertation critique:

  • Be mindful of the length of your dissertation critique. Don’t stretch it to achieve a specified word count. Write in a concise but thorough manner. Different academic institutions have different word count requirements regarding the dissertation critique. However, the length of the critique remains to be about five pages long (in most cases).
  • Start by discussing the academic or practical significance of the dissertation. Evaluate the clarity and importance of the established results. Analyze the research questions in comparison to the attained results and comment on their coherence.
  • Examine carefully the methodology applied in the dissertation and discuss its effectiveness. Comment on the strengths and weaknesses of the methodology. If possible, suggest any means that could positively affect the outcome of the methodology used.
  • Address also the presentation and writing style of the writer along with his/her presentation of the results. Examine how the writer has explained his/her personal opinions, ideas or thoughts in the dissertation.
  • A dissertation critique must also address the writer’s use of grammar, coherence with the writing format and presentation of the dissertation topic or the research questions.
  • Make sure you evaluate the relevance of other literary works used in the dissertation by the author.

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