The Dissertation Process: Knowing It By Heart

Embracing the Process and Facing the Challenges of Writing Dissertations

Thinking of how to go about the whole dissertation process could be a little too hard and too much for you. Fortunately, you bumped into this dissertation site that will not only give you fish, but teach you how to fish. Arm yourself with the right tools and you should be done in no time. At, we make sure you log out equipped, well-guided and ready to take on the challenge of facing your research project.

Dissertations could be the biggest challenge you will ever face in your life while you are within the walls of an educational institution. Understanding this, we thought of giving you an overview of the whole process of thesis writing and give you tips on how to go about meeting expectations.

Choosing a topic. This stage commences it all. Once you have chosen a subject, you have officially started the whole process. Keep in mind though that your topic will somehow be a reflection of who you are and what you are into. So be wise in selecting your subject.

Writing your proposal. Producing a well-written overview of your research requires you to put your heart into what you have chosen to tackle. Your proposal should be able to convey that you have taken ownership of your dissertation and the whole project is something you believe in. Remember that your proposal will solicit approval from the research committee.

Defense. People will question the essence of coming up with you research project. In this stage, you have to be able to establish conviction and faith in what you plan to do. Believe that your proposal will generate results of great benefit and advantage.

Thesis Approval. Getting the consent of the research panel signals the start of the conducting your research. Reaching this stage, you should have a committee that will assist you in gathering and validating your data and reviewing your dissertation. Before you begin, make sure you are prepared and you are clear with that direction you want to take.

Conduct the research. This phase of the whole process will oblige you to allot an enormous amount of time and effort for collecting and analyzing data. This will challenge and put into practice your time management skills and perseverance to get the task done. You do not want to procrastinate as this will cause great damage to your output and may cause unnecessary stress. So keep your timeline close to you because you will find great use for it.

Writing the dissertation. You may now start compiling all the accumulated information (including your reviewed literature, data, findings and discussion) and start fabricating your research paper. This will need you to be patient about pooling in information, organizing them according to your outline and presenting them in a way that will allow your readers to get a grasp of what your labor has been all about.

By this time, you have already seen how dissertations are made. They are not done overnight. The process of thesis writing may extract from you skills and attitudes you do not make use of or flaunt everyday. But once you get done, you will see how your hard work is paid off.