What are Digital Dissertations?

Effective Use of a Digital Dissertation

Digital DissertationWhile the age of students scribbling on paper or typing their way through the dissertation passes, the age of digital dissertations dawns relieving all the hassle relating to printing, copying and storage of the prized works of the students. These dissertations are quite similar to the conventional dissertations in terms that both have tables, figures, graphs and a lot of written content. However, digital dissertations are in a digital format rather than on paper thus making it easy to deal with.

Another good thing about digital dissertations is that these dissertations can be stored in various databases and then can subsequently be viewed from anywhere around the globe. Thus these dissertations as opposed to conventional dissertations are more accessible.

Digital Dissertations Vs. Paper Dissertations

A few quite evident advantages of digital dissertations as opposed to conventional-type dissertations have been enlisted below:

  • Since the dissertation is in a digital format, hence the modes of submission of the dissertation include email, compact disks and other means of digital data transfer. This also electronically records the date of submission.
  • Dissertations composed in a digital format and delivered via an email system are hard to loose since email sites temporarily store a copy of your mail off your personal computer. This also stamps the submission email with the time and date of delivery so it can easily be related to the submission deadline.
  • A digital dissertation is also easy to handle and distribute. The dissertation can easily be submitted to all the members of the dissertation committee at the same time via email and as long as you yourself have an electronic copy of the dissertation, you don’t have to worry about your dissertation being lost or spoiled by others.
  • Digital dissertations are also convenient for the university staff or the dissertation committee. Dissertations in digital formats can easily be run through anti-plagiarism soft wares whereas, conventional dissertations would first have to be converted into digital formats and then run through these programs.

Advantages of a Digital Dissertation

Further benefits of digital dissertations include:

  • A digital dissertation is environment friendly. With a digital dissertation you don’t need huge amounts of paper or ink or toner-ink. This issue of paper production has been repeatedly sited in conferences and is one of the major concerns amongst environmental groups.
  • With a digital dissertation you do not need to worry about storage problems or paper gathering dust locked up in cupboards or closets.
  • A digital dissertation is easy to edit. It can also record the dates the paper was edited on. This feature is of great use to students who would not have to re-type again and again just to edit their work.
  • With a digital dissertation advisers and counselors can easily add comments digitally to the dissertation, which can later be removed by the student.

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