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Advantages of Ordering a Custom Dissertation

Custom Dissertation

A custom dissertation is not something you get ready-made online. Simply put, it’s a dissertation customized according to your requirements and instructions delivered to us at by you via our live chat assistance or order placement forms. Unlike other writing services providing help online; we at concentrate more on the requirements of our customer and his/her instructions.

Reasons to Order at

Following are a few basic reasons to get a custom-written dissertation from rather than plagiarizing from numerous online dissertations available as samples or examples:

  • Fundamentally, you get what you want in a custom dissertation but the exact opposite from all other means of easing your dissertation writing.
  • The purpose of writing a dissertation is to help you develop your writing skills, but would you really bargain years of hard work for just that?
  • If you somehow do find a dissertation online similar to your dissertation topic, you are definitely going to end up plagiarizing from it and with all the new soft wares around you don’t want to get caught doing that.

We at completely understand that you want to write the dissertation yourself and prove it to all that you can do it! However, without any previous experience in dissertation writing you might not get more than an average score. And for those of you out there with any of the following problems we offer our professional services:

  • family problems
  • financial crisis
  • double/triple jobs
  • too much home-assignments to deal with
  • other unexpected commitments

What Our Writers Can Help You With

We offer a variety of dissertation writing services and are here to provide you with all the possible dissertation help you need. Our writers can assist you with:

  • a research proposal
  • custom dissertations
  • forming an outline of your dissertation
  • choosing the right topic for your dissertation
  • properly formatting your dissertation
  • separate chapters of your dissertation

Value-Added Services

We deliver online dissertations or send them by post (on prior request). What we guarantee is an original and a creative piece of work prepared specially for you by our expert dissertation writers. All you have to do is contact us at

Through our 24/7 customer support service you can keep track of the progress on your custom dissertations and even provide advice/instructions accordingly. So don’t waste your precious time worrying about how you would complete your dissertation or plagiarizing from the internet but instead let us complete your dissertation for you.