How to Write Business Dissertations

Writing a Business Dissertation

business dissertationA business dissertation is a completely formal write-up as opposed to informal essays or announcements normally used in the field. The dissertation should depict your ideas or thoughts in a tone extremely formal and in accordance to your field.

The basic structure of a business dissertation is almost the same as any other dissertation, but the language used and the writing style of a business dissertation is a bit more formal as compared to that used in other dissertations.

The following steps will help you with the dissertation writing and guide you through the whole phase so that you don’t plagiarize or end up consulting dissertation samples, because most people do end up following the wrong dissertation guides.

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  • Choosing an appropriate dissertation topic is vital for your business dissertation. A dissertation topic too descriptive would spiral the research out of hands and a topic too creative to be of any academic significance would be completely useless. The topic would require detailed analysis and research to find an original topic that narrows your research into an appropriate dissertation.
  • Formulating the dissertation plan should be your next step. A good dissertation plan would account for your management of time, your dissertation research and the resources you will need. Decide wisely when formulating the dissertation plan. Students often craft a schedule which is overburdened and too hectic to follow. Include regular rest periods.
  • Conducting the dissertation research may require a few skills that you might have to master before-hand. If you plan to conduct interviews or surveys to gather data, make sure that the questions you use are of appropriate nature. Neither too descriptive nor too abrupt. Take care that appearances do matter in face-to-face interviews.
  • Representation of the data acquired from your research must be done in a highly organized manner. Note down and high light the key points you want to use in your business dissertation. It is important that the data acquired be presented in a formal and progressive manner so as to maintain a logical flow through the dissertation.
  • Writing the dissertation itself should start after you have completed the above steps; the topic is ready, the information is at hand and there’s a schedule to follow. Start by understanding the writing format you would be using and the writing style you would adopt. Remember that the dissertation should be written in a third person tone. Start from the chapters that interest you more rather than starting form the ones that you find tiresome to write.

Business dissertations can be tricky to complete once started. Remember, we at are always available to help you with your dissertations.