Writing A Dissertation In APA Format

How To Write Dissertations In APA Format

APA DissertationsBeing at the stage of dissertation writing one must understand the expectations an academic institution has from its students. With respect to dissertations, these not only include the level of authenticity, quality of dissertation research or the use of appropriate terminology but also the proper formatting of your dissertation in accordance to your institution’s guidelines.

There are various dissertation formats used by academic institutions worldwide. However, APA dissertations are widely used by science papers and business research papers. It must also be kept in mind that though the material of the dissertation remains the same, no matter what the format maybe; academic institutions do have a marking criteria pertaining to the proper formatting of the dissertations.

APA is the abbreviation for the American Psychological Association, which used a specific guideline of formatting papers known as the APA format. Later on, the format gained popularity and was used by academic institutions also, thus accounting for the origin of APA dissertations.

APA dissertations differ in their format, from dissertations using other formats on the basis of:

  • typing font
  • font size
  • in-text citations
  • quotations
  • referencing
  • listing of sources
  • details of sources
  • paper margins
  • presentation of figures

While writing an APA dissertation, you will include a title page with the title itself, your name and the name of your institution. Then comes the abstract page and after that the main write-up of your dissertation. The listing of sources would be at the end of the dissertation research on a page titled: References.

While conducting the dissertation research, make sure to collect as much information, about the sources you use for your APA dissertation, as possible. Generally, the following information is mentioned about the sources in an APA dissertation:

  • The title of a book, case study, article, research paper or a report.
  • Name of the author/authoress.
  • Date of access, publication or creation of the source.
  • Name of the publishing company, institution or an organization.
  • The specific pages or chapters used in your dissertation.
  • Place of origination of the source.

Remember that the above listed is just a general idea about the information you will need about the sources when writing an APA dissertation. For further information about writing a dissertation in APA format, please visit dissertationtoday.com, where our team of expert professional writers will help you with your dissertation in every possible way.